Thursday, June 14, 2012


All of the best artists start somewhere.  For some, it may be a quiet room in their house.  For others, maybe a sunny park or shopping mall.  What they all have in common is that they seek out inspiration - that thing that drives them and establishes new ideas.  Inspiration can come from all aspects of life and is what makes all artwork different.  The same subject may inspire 5 artists in 5 different ways and they will all interpret it differently, coming up with different expressions and finished products.  That is what is so great about art: you can make it yours.

Lately I have been seeking out that inspiration.  Where do I find beauty in life?  What makes the gears of my mind start turning and creating new ideas?  How can I interpret the scene I am looking at and turn it into something beautiful that other people can admire?

Beauty surrounds us everyday, but rarely do we take the time to really notice it.  We go about our days and don't stop to think about the flower blooming outside our front door, or the barefoot child running around in the yard across the street.  Every once in awhile we need to just stop and take in everything around us.  I am determined to seek out this beauty and capture as much of it as I can through my photography.  To be able to share the things that I believe are beautiful and things that matter with the rest of the world is a great honor.

A little bit of background on my photography:  I am no professional!  I have enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember but have recently been working on making my pictures worth looking at.  I own a Nikon D3000, with the stock 18-55mm lens.  It was a gift a couple of years ago and I recently attended a half-day class (another gift!!) to learn how to really use it and to manually adjust the settings to get the picture I want.  As I continue to work to grow my skills, I am looking forward to sharing my work and hopefully providing some tips and techniques along the way.

For now, here is a little teaser of some recent photos:


  1. These are beautiful shots! And for just learning, great job on not blowing out the highlights of the snow in the crater lake photo! Can't wait to see more! :)

  2. I like the angle on that tree shot. Have fun learning your camera and keep practicing!

  3. Hey there! I just stumbled on your cute blog and I have to say I’m your newest adoring follower! Also I’d just love for you to come check out a giveaway I’m having that ends tomorrow!! Hope to see you there!

    Thanks so much!
    Xo, Emily

  4. I'm really enjoying your photography. That first one speaks to me... Something beautiful about the simpleness of the shot. Thanks so much for sharing and linking to our summer party! Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. These are lovely, the second one (of that beautiful blue lake) is just gorgeous.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more photos from you as you learn and grow too :)

    and pssst, we have the same camera :)

    Thanks for linking up with Summer Daze!

    1. Thank you!! I checked out some of the posts on your blog as well - they are beautiful! It's nice to see what wonderful pictures can come from this camera....


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