Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday my trek to continue to find new environments and subjects to photograph took me to the local Saturday Farmer's Market.
Every Saturday throughout the summer they block off a few blocks downtown and welcome in various farms and other local businesses to sell their products.  Although it is extremely convenient to have a Safeway right behind our house - you can't beat the prices and freshness you find at farmers markets.

At the risk of sounding like a complete "foody", one of my favorite parts of the farmer's market is all of the samples.  Being able to try out the fruit or bread before buying it is a huge plus compared to going to the grocery store.

A close second to the samples would have to be the gorgeous flower arrangements.  It makes me wish I had looked into one of these small farms when I got married!  Some of the smaller arrangements start at $8, while the largest ones are only $15 or $18.  These arrangements are absolutely beautiful!

I do want to share some of the "treasures" I came home with, as well as show some of the great deals that you can find at these markets.

As you can see, these zucchini are absolutely HUGE - and I didn't even pick the biggest ones!  Not only were they massive, but three of them cost me only $1.

To see what I did with some of this zucchini, go check read A Trip to the Farmers Market at Delectably Home.

These are some of the best blueberries I have ever had.  Just last week, I bought a small package of berries from Safeway to make a dessert.  They were pretty good - but inconsistent.  Some were really sour.

I have not had a bad berry yet out of this pint from the market that was only $3.
The flower booths reminded me a lot of the stands that they have at Pike's Market in Seattle.  When I was going to school in Seattle, I used to venture downtown occasionally just to bring home some of their beautiful flowers.  This arrangement was only $10.

I would definitely encourage readers to go out and try to find local markets in your community.  You would be amazed at some of the things you will find.


  1. love these images, especially the black and white sunflowers.

    1. Thank you!! I'm enjoying working on my editing lately :)

  2. mmmm, fresh fruit and veggies are one of the best parts of summer! glad you found so many goodies :)


  3. I always love how naturally beautiful produce and flowers are to take pictures of! So colorful and vibrant, yet simple at the same time. Lovely work, as always!

    Thanks for linking this up to Sunday Snaps! Be sure to stay tuned and check back for those featured next Sunday!

    Sarah B Texas @ City Girl Gone Country

    1. I really love your blog, Sarah. And am so appreciative for having been featured the last couple of weeks. Thanks again!!

  4. Beautiful fresh photos Kaeley. Well done! Thanks a bunch for joining in at Your Sunday Best this week. xo

  5. found ya via sunday snaps -- wow, amazing photos of an amazing farmers market!! cetainly puts my little local one to shame!

  6. Kaely, another amazing post of pictures! I love the flowers and the fresh produce. You are truly talented and than you so much for continuing to link up with us...we love having you eack week!


    1. As always - thank you, Julie!! I'm always happy to share :)


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