Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Moving Forward

I realized this morning that it has been nearly two weeks since I have posted anything.  I apologize for being a bit absent.  I have done several photo shoots recently and considering I have to go to Starbucks or elsewhere to use the internet, my time there is normally spent on editing those shoots so that I can get the final product out to the clients.

This is all done after I have already been at work all day.  So I have not had much of a chance to get out there and take other pictures, nor post them.  I did, however, go for a walk on Sunday morning and took my camera along.

On a quick sidenote: I started my blog with the idea that all of the posts (with the exception of any "themed" posts).  It has become a little difficult to be creative and be able to think of a single word to describe my post at times, though.  So - I think I am going to move away from that going forward.

Awhile back I posted some photos of the town we recently moved to.  The following pictures are a continuation of that...(Sorry for the photo dump - I had to make up for lost time!!)

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