Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Love

"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife."
-Author Unknown

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking a few hours off from my busy Saturday at work to do an engagement shoot for a local couple.  I had posted several ads on Craigslist to try to bring up some new business.  I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about this new attempt . . . but I decided to depend on my instincts when talking with potential clients and hope that all would go well.  This engagement shoot was the third "craigslist client" that I have had and all three have gone pretty well.

Anyways - I was excited to find that this latest couple would really challenge me as an artist.  The bride-to-be wanted creative photos that would portray art, and not just two people standing side-by-side.  I was also a little discouraged when, after looking at my website, there were only one or two samples that she really liked in my galleries.  However - I think they will be happy with the end result.

I wish my best to this beautiful couple...maybe I will be back in a few weeks :)

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  1. You did a great job....these are beautiful! I am sure the couple will love them!

  2. I think you did a tremendous job and kudos to you putting yourself out there on Craigslist!!!


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