Friday, November 9, 2012

Six Word Friday

Some days are just too crazy
In my mind I will escape
Pretend I am back in Jamaica
Where all I have to do
Is sit in my beach chair
And sip my cold PiƱa Colada

Each week Adrienne at My Memory Art hosts "Six Word Fridays".  She provides a word as a prompt and you write a post using only six words - either all together, or per line.  So - I am trying it out!!


  1. Thought about posting a pic almost exactly like this one today! Nice to have memories of these dreamy escapes!

  2. Can I come with??? (Great use of this week's word)


  3. Can I go with you, Please? My six word response!

  4. Beautiful pic.....and is wish that I was there or actually anywhere with a beautiful beach. Great job on the six words!!!!!!


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