Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Awhile back, someone challenged me to think of three things that I am grateful for every day.  For about two weeks, I wrote down these three things in a notebook as a reminder of all the wonderful things I have in my life.  Like a lot of "challenges" or "resolutions", I eventually stopped making an effort to think of these things on a regular basis.

The month of November holds the Thanksgiving holiday.  So, I want to take time over the next four weeks leading up to and including Thanksgiving to talk about some of the things I am thankful for in my life.  They are not necessarily going to come in any specific order, and while some will be serious others may be kind of silly.  None-the-less, they are all things I am thankful for.

Each week, I will post five things that I am thankful for.  There will be pictures to accompany each item and while I am going to try to take original pictures as much as possible, I may have to dig into my archives a bit for some.  Also, this week the pictures that ARE original are taken from my cell phone :)  Since we still don't have internet at home yet I have no way to upload new pictures from my camera.  So, there is going to be a bit of a mix!


I may be a borderline coffee addict (I think that's what it is when you get 
headaches from not having coffee on a daily basis!).


Every relationship has its ups and downs - but this guy makes my world go
around.  Not only is he pretty good looking ;), but he makes
me laugh, is encouraging and supportive and knows me probably better than I do.
We have come a long ways together 
and I don't know where I would be without him!

3. MY CAR:

Yes - I am thankful that I can have a decent car that I actually like and
is dependable.


I have said it before, but the coast is my safe haven.  That is the place I turn to 
when I need a bit of peace, quiet and serenity, or just to 
get away for a couple of days.


Admiring our newest niece, Tealyn, just hours after she was born last
spring.  She's just as cute as her two older sisters.

5 down, 15 more to come!!  Stay tuned...

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