Monday, September 10, 2012


Trains, planes and automobiles . . . . . as I recently stated, boys will always have their toys - they just get bigger as they get older.  Tristan has spent the last couple of weeks working on his Integra after the clutch went out.  I decided to take advantage of his misfortune and try to get some good shots while he was hard at work with his buddies.

 Although it took them a lot longer than expected and they hit a couple of snags along the way - I was pretty impressed that they took it all apart and *eventually* got it put back together again.

While out at the garage, I also got under the hood a bit and changed the oil in my baby.  I may have cut open my finger in the process, but I managed to get it done start to finish without spilling a drop of oil!!

You may have noticed my updated page heading.  Stay tuned for some more small changes to come, as well as a project I am really excited to share about!!

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  1. oh gosh! That is SO my husband!! Great shots :) Thanks for linking up with Love Bug's Photo Show Off! I hope you'll link again this week!


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