Friday, September 14, 2012


“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” 
--Jacques Cousteau 

When I was just a toddler, my family and I literally lived on the beach.  Well, we lived a long a private, gated road about a quarter mile down from the beach.  Although I was too young to really remember a whole lot from the time we lived in that house, I vaguely remember long afternoons at the beach.  I can't remember a time that I have ever turned down a trip to the coast willingly.  I would spend every weekend of the summer there if I could.

I have been lamenting a bit lately because the summer is pretty much over and I didn't make it to the coast at all.  Last weekend we got to go stay the night at a friend's house, though (that is right on the ocean I might add!) and spend Labor day in Seaside.

There is nothing more relaxing than waking up to the soft roaring of the ocean and taking a quiet walk on the beach.  Even better: keep your camera in hand!!

One thing I have never noticed about the ocean is how much the color of the sky is reflected in the water.  I didn't even really notice when we were there last week.  It wasn't until I came home and I was going through all of my pictures that I saw it.  Look at the next two pictures.  The first one was taken at about 9 a.m.  It was still pretty overcast and the water has a very gray, lifeless look to it.  The second picture was from the afternoon.  The skies had cleared up and the water in that photo is much more blue.

Now - I took a ton of pictures.  I have narrowed them down as much as I could, but I really fell in love with some of them and it was hard to pick which ones to share.  So there are quite a few to come.  I think I will split it up a little bit into another post, though.

One of my favorite things to do - especially places like shopping malls or fairs where there are a lot of people - is to sit back and just "people watch".  Some people may call it being nosy or snoopy - but if people are going to go out in public, I say I have a right to look at them!  It's just entertaining.  And there are a lot of entertaining people at the beach!

Walking the one mile from the main street of Seaside back to our friend's house doesn't seem that far when you are taking pictures all the way back!!

This last one was already included up above - but it was one of my favorites from the day so I wanted to showcase it a little bit:

Like I said before - I actually have a few more pics that I want to share.  But this post is already too long (and has taken FOREVER to put together!!)  I will post the rest soon...

A Beautiful Day


  1. Absolutely delightful post. - Seaside is one of my favorite places to visit. I haven't been in several years though :o(
    I really enjoyed all of your photos. My favorites were the Collage with the Sanddollars and the Bumper Cars. The Bumper car Ride was one of my dad's favorite rides and whenever we visited the coast we always had to take in the Bumper Car ride. It brought back some great memories for me as my dad is no longer with us.
    Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  2. I love everything about this post! The beach/ocean is where I find my zen. I am not sure how I am going to pick just one favorite, but check out the Sunday Snaps link up tomorrow because I am quite sure you will see something that you recognize. Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you for linking up!

  3. Kaeley, You have been featured on Sunday Snaps! Congratulations and thank you so much linking up regularly. We hope to see you again this week.

  4. beautiful shots, I'd say you had fun taking all the photos :)

  5. What wonderful images. Isn't great to have a place like that, which evokes memories when you were a kid! It also is really interesting to see how the sea/sky really do take on the same color.

  6. So incredibly lovely! It looks like a fabulous vacation. Now I want a piece of fudge from the candy shop! Darn it! : )

  7. Oh tremendous!! thank you for linking up with Picture Poetry this week. Your site is full of creativity. I enjoy it here. Thank you for your comment too.

  8. So many great shots--makes me long for the beach big time!!! I'd love to have you come share photos at my photo link party each Friday.

    All the Best,

  9. I LOVE the beach too! My family are big beach nuts as well. Love all these photos!! Thanks for linking up with Love Bug's Photo Show Off! I hope you'll link again this week!

  10. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!


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