Monday, November 11, 2013

Everything Changes....

"'Cause these things will change, can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down
It's a revolution, the time will come for us to finally win"

-Taylor Swift

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On Saturday I eluded to the fact that there was something that occurred last week that I was waiting to share. Well, there are some changes in the air, that is for sure.  Early last week I received a phone call from a company asking if I would be interested in coming in for an interview.  Well, Thursday afternoon I sat down with the two owners of the company and an hour later I was offered a job!  It is all moving pretty quickly - they would like me to start as soon as possible since the person who was previously in the position already up and left.  They understand that I am currently employed though and need to provide my employer proper notice.

Which led to a slightly uncomfortable Friday.  That morning driving to work was stressful as I anticipated the conversations that needed to happen when I got to work.  I had to go in and tell the people who I have been working for and who have invested their time and energy into me and my career for the last five years that, with about 2 months before tax season swings into motion, I am leaving.  I almost cried talking to one of the partners just because I felt bad for leaving, one of the other partners nearly teared up when I told her the news.  Overall, I think they understand and are glad that I have an opportunity to further my career, but I know I will missed.  I was also told that I always have a place there, so that is reassuring if - for whatever reason - this doesn't work out.

My new job is going to be quite a bit different from the tax work I have focused on over the least several years.  I am going to be the sole accountant responsible for the business accounting for a company specializing in constructing and maintaining telecommunications towers and antennas!  Let me tell you - after seeing pictures and video clips of some of their projects I am glad I will be in their office and not out on the job.  It is crazy how high up they have to climb and the winds they have to work in.  No thank you!

So - I will be starting my new position in the next couple of weeks.  I am excited to get in there and get started, but I also have work to wrap up for my current position before I leave.  I will be sure to provide an update once I actually start the new job.

I didn't quite have a chance to celebrate the new change in my life over the weekend, but I still managed to stay busy.  Friday night I got my hair touched up - had my roots recolored and got a trim.  Saturday was spent focused on pictures (shooting, editing, sharing), as well as baking some yummy chocolate chip-butterscotch cookies and a little bit of blogging.

True to my recent "bad blogger" fashion, I didn't even think about taking any pictures of the cookies until much after I had packaged them up.  So this is all you get.  Saturday night, I also took a break from editing to experiment a little with taking a few pictures of candlelight, while the rest of the lights were out.  That was kind of fun.

These are a few of my favorites of the little sweetheart I got to meet Saturday afternoon:

Oh yeah - I also received an early Christmas present!! . . . Which I purchased for myself.

I can't wait to try out these beautiful bows and ties!

Sunday, my friend Krista and I had a little girls' day!  She is a proud momma of four, so every once in a while I try to get her out of the house for a bit :)  We made a trip to Craft Warehouse, and had a yummy lunch at Olive Garden.  There will be more to come of my craft treasures soon.

I am anxious to see how this week pans out at work, and after work have some prep work to do on my Christmas-themed photography props!  Have a great Monday!

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  1. Congrats on your new position!!! I know how hard it is to give your two week notice no matter how much you like or dislike your current position, it is always stressful, uncomfortable and awkward. I have had to have more of those talks that I would like in the last few years. Good luck to you in your future position! :)

  2. Congratulations on your new job!!!! And so wonderful that your current employer says you always have a place there....that had to make you feel wonderful! You are rockin' the baby pics, girl!! She is such a cutie!

  3. Congratulations on your new job! That is so exciting... Even though I completely get it the sadness/guilt that goes along with your current job. How fabulous that you could always go back to this job if need be!

  4. the cookies look yummy. :D and i love the pics with the candles and the baby is so cute. Congrats on the new job. I have one myself and i love it.


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