Friday, November 1, 2013

Waiting for the Rain to Come

How is it November already?!?  Seriously.  That means it is less than TWO MONTHS until Christmas.  I think I need to get going on my Christmas shopping . . . and wish list!

I was hoping to have some pretty engagement photos to share this week, but sadly one of the kiddos got sick and they had to reschedule.  (Hopefully this weekend they won't end up getting rained out so that we can try again!!)  But I DID get a chance to take pictures for our beautiful friend and her family on Sunday.  I shared a little PREVIEW on Monday, but I really loved how they turned out - so I felt the need to show you more.

I am hoping that this last week wasn't the end of the dry weather until next summer, but just in case - I took advantage of the dry spell with another outdoor session.

Last week, I received an opportunity to team up with a local lady who is starting her own business selling handmade baby accessories - headbands and such.  She asked that I use some of her products as props in my baby sessions and provide some of the pictures for her to use for her website & Etsy store.  Well, an opportunity to try some new products is one that I will jump at - especially when it is local.  And, I already got a chance to try them with this little doll:

Once she has her shop up and running, I will be sharing her information!  I'm in love with her work!  In the meantime, here are a couple more of this sweet girl...

In honor of all these little ones, my song today for #backthatazzup may not be an easy one to jam out to, but it's what speaks to me right now.

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack on Grooveshark

Finally - I am excited to be holding The Blog Baton today on Instagram!!  To follow me there, just follow @The BlogBaton !


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  1. Love that little belly button show! So cute!

  2. You really take some adorable pictures!

  3. Love the belly flash... we should all do that more often


  4. Great family photos with some great ideas!


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