Thursday, October 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I mentioned in my weekend recap from LAST WEEK that Tristan and I recently had our pictures taken.  I am super grateful to our friend Veronica for doing this for us.  A few weeks ago I shared the maternity photos that I took for her and her boyfriend, so this was a little trade (she does photography as well).  Before I share some of my favorites from our shoot, here is a little throwback to years past.

6 Years Ago

5 Years Ago

4 Years Ago

3 Years Ago

2 Years Ago

1 Year Ago

And now - here are our most recent photos, courtesy of Raw Beauty Images:

Love you, Honey!!!

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

Next Thursday, I will be starting a new mini-series for the month of November, so check back for that!

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  1. Awesome pictures! ♥ I love the last couple those are so cute! :) Happy Halloween

  2. How fun to be able to photograph them through the years!

  3. Awwww....your pictures turned out great!!!!!

  4. wonderful series ... you are going to enjoy all of these ... great photo shoot -- your friend did a wonderful job ... Happy Halloween


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