Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Photo Journal 10.11.13

This week wasn't anything too exciting - every day was pretty much the same, with a couple of exceptions.

It's mostly been lots of driving to and from work, working, coming home to do a little bit of housework and then editing pictures from last weekend.  Fortunately, I was able to get all of it done by last night, which was my goal!

I got to enjoy some of the warm fall colors during my commute, made a couple yummy dinners in my crockpot {I always forget how much I love that thing - I need to think ahead so I can use it more often!}, and went to the gym . . . once.

If you follow me on Instagram <@kaeleymull> you already saw my newest weakness - Lay's Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt chips.  They are SO GOOD . . . I just can't get enough!!

Finally - here come the last of my portraits from last weekend.  Doing pictures for friends is always a lot of fun, but a little bit nerve-wracking.  It's even more important that they like the finished product, because you spend time with them on a regular basis.  For this last session, there was an added layer: this soon-to-be momma is also a photographer, so I am a little nervous about these ones.  Hopefully she likes them!


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  1. The heart on the belly is genius!!! I Love it!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos and I love the first one and the one with the tattoo showing....awwwww!!!

  3. these pics are awesome. i love em. :D awesome work. what kind of camera do you use again


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