Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Day In Photos

Last Friday I decided to take advantage of my day off from work and document the day in pictures. If you remember, awhile back Nicole from Art + Politics + Life did something like this for Guest Post Tuesday. I had seen similar posts before, but ever since Nicole shared I have really been wanting to do one as well. My typical weekday isn't really exciting enough to document - it's just work, maybe the gym and possibly some housework. My days off, however, tend to be fairly diverse and often productive.

*I am going to cheat a little and include a little bit of description about what exactly is going on in the photos*

Friday morning I was up even earlier than normal in order to make some yummy breakfast before the Mr. went to work. Since I was up, I headed down to the river to take some some pictures of the marina and river at dawn. I also got to catch up on some blog-reading, while enjoying a couple cups of coffee. I LOVE lazy mornings when I have nowhere to be!

I think this is kind of self-explanatory.

I got lots of editing done . . . and even got two orders off to the post office!

Some days I hate doing housework, but other days it's not so bad. But that recycling . . . had to go. It was taking up the whole top-tier of the kitchen counter.

My night: ups and downs. I got to go to the best store ever - and filled up my gas tank {which usually costs about $50} for $35, thanks to Safeway discounts! However - I also had to go pick up my hubby after midnight, which was about two hours after I was ready for bed .

If you have never done a "day in photos", I encourage you to try. It forces you to make a conscious effort to pull out your camera (or phone!) throughout the day. Plus, it's a great filler if you don't know what to blog about :)

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  1. What a great way to document everyday life....you should try Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life. I really wanted to try this year, but I always think my life is sooooo boring. But really, I think that is fun thing that one day kids and grandkids will look back on....and things will be so different then...even if it is only normal everyday stuff!

  2. What a fun idea! I think it's great to document every day life!

  3. This is such a fun idea. Its fun to get to know you better by seeing what your day is like. I have never done one of these so I think I want to try!


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