Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Guest Post Tuesday: Econ & Art? Nicole Makes It Work!

Economics and art/design may not exactly go hand-in-hand, but Nicole at Art + Politics + Life has figured out how to incorporate both in her life.  I was thrilled when she told me her idea for a guest post...and has inspired me to try this myself someday.

Hi, I'm Nicole - an economics major that likes to blog about her creative side. I'm a visual thinker, so my blog uses very few words. I post about art, design, general inspiration, and DIYs. I hope you will stop by at artpoliticslife.blogspot.com.

Here is a look at a day in my life through pictures. This week has been kind of an anomaly since I am in between university semesters and jobs. So, my day was pretty low key. Overall, it was a great project to undertake, because it made me notice more of the small things in my everyday life. I have a few places now where I want to go back and take more pictures.

For anyone who wants to take on this project, I recommend doing it on a day with less going on. It's kind of stressful to balance taking pictures.


If you are interested in participating in Guest Post Tuesday, please send me an email at
(or click the envelope icon in the sidebar) and include your name, the URL for your blog, and what you are interested in sharing about.  I am now scheduling posts through October and November.
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  1. What a great idea....and very cool pictures!

  2. How fun! I would like to think I'll do this, but who knows if I'll have time... :) COOL THOUGH!


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