Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Ocean's Roar

I am sitting here on the beach in Manzanita, writing my first ever blog post from my sorry if it looks weird, I'm not really sure what it will do!

As I sit here, waiting for the sun to set, I'm reminded of how soothing and peaceful the ocean is.  But at the same time, it is a powerful, scary living thing.  How can something as simple as water elicit feelings of contentment, awe, fear and desire-all simultaneously?  Do you ever just feel like the water is calling to you?  I wouldn't say it speaks to me, but it calms me. 

While I sit and listen to the echos of the waves crashing onto the beach, there is no place I would rather be.

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  1. Well said, that is what I feel when I am at the beach too. There's something so soothing about being so away from civilization and hearing the crash of the waves in a steady rhythm.

    - Nancy

    The Artistically Challenged


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