Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall's Explosion in my Living Room

As you have heard, I love decorating my house, especially for fall and Christmas.  The rest of the year it is pretty much just "normal stuff" - like candles and pictures and vases.  But when the holidays come around, they kind of explode throughout our main living area.

Because our current house does not have a fireplace *which in my opinion is just wrong* I also do not have a mantel to decorate {wah, wah....}.  My bookcase has had to stand in for my main focal point in our living room.

My favorite features here include the burlap-wrapped candle and flower vase *which are both new additions to my collection of fall decor that I created just last week*, as well as the warm inviting colors.  You will also see that I have printed out a copy of my Fall Bucket List and framed it on the top shelf.

We also have a banister-type ledge that sits above the stairway leading from the ground floor to the main level of our house.  This has come in useful as well in making up for the lack of mantel.

The empty third jar is now full of candy corn - but I was too lazy to re-take the picture.  If you missed it last week, you can see more about my pumpkins here.

Keeping with the Fall theme - Congratulations to Meghan from They Call Her Meghan for winning the Fall Adspace Giveaway!  Meghan will be receiving ad space from some of the great blogs that you will find on my sidebar this month!

One of those blogs where you will find >>> is Simple Moments Stick.  I absolutely LOVE Susannah's post from earlier this week about 25 Fall Date Ideas!  She has some great suggestions, so make sure you go check it out!
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  1. I love all of your Fall touches....I need to get my rear in gear and get something done. However the high here today is is difficult to get into the cool weather swing of things when you are facing that nonsense!

  2. Your house looks amazing! I'm so jealous of all your beautiful fall touches! xx

  3. I love the fall deco. I love fall all together

  4. I hope you put this on Pinterest!! Looks great!

  5. Love all of this so much!!! I'm not decorating my apartment this year because I'm moving out in December, but next year I can't wait to decorate wherever I am!

  6. @lillyprince: I have not - I always feel weird "pinning" my own stuff :)

    @Sarah Beth: I know the feeling - last year we moved in October. If I remember right I put up a few fall decorations during the month of September until I started packing the house up. But they never made it up again once we moved. I just waiting a few weeks and skipped right to Christmas decorations!

  7. I am LOVING all your fall décor. You are seriously making me feel like a slacker. Right now all we have is two Snoopy's, one dressed as Frankenstein and one dressed as a devil. I need to get sophisticated fall décor and get decorating! Those little pumpkins on the bookshelf are adorable!

  8. first time here. loving the collage and your photography in general.

    what a fabulous fall decor!

    have a great day~
    visiting via little things thursday~

  9. I'm loving your fall decor!!! It's so wonderful! :-)

  10. You've done a fab job with the bookcase.
    Who needs a mantel?

  11. You really made up for no mantle! I love fall decorating and can't wait to do my own!


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