Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guest Post Tuesday: Thankful for Amberly & Joe

Hello friends! It's Amberly from Life with Amberly & Joe, taking over the blog for Kaeley again! Fall is quickly coming to a close and the holiday season is in full swing. Even though I'm sad to see the amazing autumn weather and my favorite season disappear, I am excited about the holiday season. Time with family, traditions, delicious food, and the spirit of the season, just the thought of it all makes me giddy!

I feel like holidays are becoming more and more commercialized every year. Christmas stuff is on the shelves before I've even thought about Halloween, Black Friday is creeping into Thanksgiving parties and festivities and we get so busy that the holidays are more stressful than fun. "The hustle and bustle of the season" has taken on a whole new meaning to me the older I get. This year I am trying my hardest to make the holidays fun and relaxing again! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving week when I have five and a half days off of work. It will be great time for holiday baking, family parties, time with my husband, and relaxing by myself! Each season I create date night bucket lists on my blog that focus on the season and the holidays that come with it. It is hard to get everything crossed off, but I try because I really want to do fun, seasonal things with my husband and enjoy life. In honor of the season, I set a Marriage & Relationship Goal this month to start a new tradition in our little family. We now have a Thankful Jar that sits in a prominent place in our apartment. Each day I write things that I am thankful to my husband for and things that I am thankful for in life. My plan is to read the entire jar together, on the morning of Thanksgiving, before we rush off to stuff our faces with delicious food at family parties.
How do you remember the spirit of the season and not let the stress of it overwhelm you?

I absolutely LOVE Amberly's Thankful Jar and just might have to copy her next year :)

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