Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another fulfillment on the bucket list

I mentioned in my last update that I had plans for a couple more items on my bucket list.  One of those was the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Unfortunately the one day that we actually got close enough to the bridge to get GOOD photos of it, it was extremely foggy and you could just barely see the base of it.  So I was a little disappointed, but I did my best with what I could.


1. Sunset at Seaside
2. Twin babies
3. Las Vegas Strip
4. A beautiful waterfall (other than Multnomah Falls)
5. 1st birthday session
6. Downtown Seattle/Puget Sound
7. Timberline Lodge
8. City lights at night
9. A cactus
10. An engagement session
11. An extravagant themed photo
12. My new nephew
13. Jumping shot
14. A pier
15. Street photography
16. A series of old cars
17. A series of vintage signs
18. Golden Gate Bridge

TIP #11: WALK ACROSS THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!  We didn't do this and I really wish we had.  There are a couple of different ways to do it.  You can actually rent bicycles and ride across to Marin County, and then take a boat back to Fisherman's Wharf.  You can also take a taxi to the south side of the bridge and walk across (and back).  Or if you are driving, there is also a parking lot on the south side.

19. Generations
20. Music

Nearly 20 years after the initial proposal to build a bridge spanning the Golden Gate, as the entrance to the bay from the Pacific Ocean was known, construction of the bridge began in 1933.  Four years and $35 million later, the bridge was completed. 

A few facts about the Golden Gate Bridge:
*The main span of 4,200 feet was longer than any other suspension bridge in the world, up until 1964.
*The total length of the bridge is 8,981 feet.
*The bridge sits 245 feet above the water (the towers, however, rise up 746 feet from the water)
*The main cables are composed of 80,000 miles of wire
*The official color is "international orange"
*The bridge is the second most common suicide site in the world - by 2005, more than 1,200 jumpers committed suicide there, with a rate of new jumpers roughly once every two weeks
*The bridge has only ever been closed three times due to weather (1951,1982 and 1983)

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  1. Great bucket list, can't wait to see more of those crossed off.


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