Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social

Hopefully, I am currently having a great time, celebrating Cinco de Mayo in the beautiful city of San Francisco!  So I will keep this short and sweet.

Sunday Social

1. 4 Favorite things to do on a weekend:
          *Sleep in (although lately I've been getting up earlier than most work days!)
          *Visit friends
          *Take pictures
          *Go on a mini-road trip

2. 4 Favorite things about your best friend:
          *She is a great listener
          *She has been through alot and has only gotten stronger because of it
          *She doesn't let other people tear her down
          *She always has a story to tell

3. 4 Things you would do with $100,000:
          *Pay off my car, credit card, student loans
          *Go on a vacation
          *Make a downpayment on a house
          *Add to my photography equipment

4. 4 Favorite books you have ever read:
          *Gone with the Wind
          *The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
          *Mercy by Jodi Picoult
          *Pride and Prejudice

5. 4 Favorite snack foods:
          *Wheat Thins with cream cheese
          *String cheese
          *Trail mix

6. 4 Things that you must do daily:
          *Hug & kiss Tristan
          *Check Facebook, email and Blogger
          *Put on deodorant!!
          *Listen to music

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