Sunday, May 19, 2013

The last leg home

First - I have to share this photo:

To tell the truth, I'm not sure how this tradition started.  But whenever the three boys are together - they have to create their "human tripod".  We don't see Robbie too often, so it ends up being once every year or two.  For example - here is the one from our wedding a couple of years back:

There was some celebration to be had . . . and celebrate these boys did!

Oh!!  I completely forgot to mention - I learned how to play poker one night in San Fran!  So if anyone wants to play Texas Hold'em . . . I'm in!

And....I ALMOST forgot about our walk through Chinatown!  San Francisco is well-known as having the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.  

Unfortunately we were not there during the busy morning time, when the markets are full of the Chinese community going about their daily business.  I think that would have been really neat to see.

We DID, however, have some really good Chinese food for lunch.  Maybe not QUITE authentic, but a lot closer than the typical American Chinese restaurant.

Our trip home ended up spanning two days.  We didn't leave the city until after four o'clock, so by the time we stopped in Fort Bragg to visit Glass Beach, it was 8 and we just decided to call it a night.

The story goes....people used to throw all of their garbage onto this beach.  Over time, all but the glass washed out to see and the glass slowly became smooth from the salt water flowing in and out with the tide.  All that remains are little glass pebbles mixed in with the rock and sand.

Because we had a whole day to make the last bit of our journey home, we had time to make a couple stops along the way.  The first was at one of the three drive-thru trees in California.

Stop #2: Paul Bunyan!  If you have never visited the Trees of Mystery in Northern California, do it!  We didn't go through it this time, but a few years ago we went camping down that way and went.  It is really neat.  But at the entrance is a 46 foot-tall Paul Bunyan, alongside his 35 foot-tall friend Babe the Blue Ox.

Stop #3: Pizza...Yumm!

Stop #4: All Star Liquors!  Just 3 miles south of the California-Oregon border is a liquor distributor, where Captain Morgan hangs out!

Overall - it was a great trip.  As with most vacations, I needed a little vacation after vacation.  But luckily I had a few more days off once we were home.

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  1. This looks like it was such a wonderful trip!


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