Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Day Date at the Coast (Part 3)

Are you getting tired of all these pics yet?  Well - I thought about wrapping up our Saturday at the coast today, but I think it might take one more :)

Fort Stevens sits right on the mouth of the Columbia.  It sits on the south side of the river, while Fort Canby, another military base from the same time period, sits on the north side of the river in Washington.  The south jetty is at the northern-most end of the park and extends 2 miles out.  It was built to help create calm waters in order for the ships to safely leave the ocean and move into the river.

One of the great things about mine and Tristan's current hobbies is that we can enjoy them simultaneously and don't have to go out on our own to have fun.  There are so many places that are great for driving his truck, that are perfect photo opportunities as well.  So I don't have to feel like I am just dragging him along, and he doesn't think I am bored watching him drive his truck.

 Hopefully tomorrow . . . final edition!

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