Friday, January 25, 2013

Sing it, girl!

In the late 1800s, the first movie was made.  The precise year is debatable, as there were various types of "movies" at that time.  People had different ways of producing films and different definitions of what a "film" really was.  In 1927, The Jazz Singer made history as the first "talkie" film.  Throughout the years, the movie industry has been spurred on with the development of sounds and lighting, creativity and technology.  I think Grace Kelly, Doris Day, and the Hepburn sisters would be shocked to see one of today's "films".

Movies are a huge part of our culture today.  People flock to the theaters when the latest teen trilogy or James Bond movie premiers.  In our house, we will occasionally go see a movie in the theaters - maybe a few times a year.  But we frequent the RedBox and Netflix.  I would say I enjoy most movies.  There aren't too many that I don't like.  But I would normally have a hard time picking a favorite, too.

However - I am currently completely obsessed with Pitch Perfect.

Star Anna Kendrick is amazing and I fell in love with actress Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids. The music and choreography were wonderful - and the storyline was thoughtful and entertaining.  If you haven't seen the movie - it is basically about a very diverse group of girls figuring out how to work together to come out on top.  Seriously - this one is worth seeing.  I have seen it three times in the last month and currently am listening to the soundtrack via YouTube.  I just can't get enough!!

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