Sunday, January 13, 2013

Portland Trailblazers

Earlier this week, our friends Chris and Krista invited us to go to a Portland Trailblazers game with them.  Now, just going to a game would be exciting to me.  But the tickets that Chris gets from work are phenomenal.  Their tickets were courtside seats, near the hoop on one end.  Ours were near center court and only about 4 rows off the court.  They also had VIP parking and we were able to see some of the players' cars when entering the garage, which was pretty cool.

I know I posted a couple of these pictures already in my Friday Photo Journal post.  But that's okay...

You can see from some of these just how close we really were.  It was very cool.  And with that - I am actually caught up through last week!  Now, I don't have any excuse to not get my house cleaned and laundry done... :( 

Happy Sunday!!

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