Friday, January 11, 2013

Target Practice

Last Sunday, we took a little day trip up into the hills on a mini-adventure.  I know that this is a huge issue in our culture and in politics right now (and I am not one to debate politics), but we are firm believers that people should have the right to protect themselves and their home.  So I wanted to get out and practice my shot.

Along the way, we also stopped to drive the truck and take some pictures.  On the way up, there was this really cool old truck, as well as an old firetruck that I just loved.


These were our "targets" (and no - we don't drink that much whisky....just found these bottles along the trail!).  And I even shot one clean off the log!

Now - I want to be very clear: my heart goes out to all the families that have been affected by the recent shootings around the country.  That is something that no parent/child/husband/wife should ever have to deal with.  But I also don't think that taking peoples' guns away will solve the problem.  A violent person will find another way.  For that reason, I do think it is important to be ready to protect yourself if needed.  So, I want to be ready.  

I know many of you may disagree with me, and I would love to hear your opinion.  But we live  in a county where we currently have only 1 sheriff patrolling an area of nearly 700 square miles at any given time.  By the time they are able to respond to some of the more remote areas, it could very well be too late, unfortunately.

Well...I am finally caught up through last weekend's photos.  I still have a couple of posts planned for this week, as well as a couple of photo shoots scheduled for this weekend.  Hopefully that all goes as planned.  Have a great day!! 

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  1. Great shots!!! I'm your latest follower!

  2. love the black and white of the building and all of the old truck!

  3. Very nice...I like the perspectives with the trees and the avenue of the tree lined road...beautiful!

  4. Love that old GMC truck... it's a beauty!!

  5. LOVE it! I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #65!

  6. Love the mossy tree shots, and that truck, what a great find!

  7. As imagens são rústicas e eu gosto delas! Um abraço!


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