Monday, June 24, 2013

5 For Five

How did I do on my goals from last week??

1. Drink two bottles of water every day. 3 out of 5 days.  I did really good the first three days of the week.  Thursday I went home early sick and was sick Friday, too.  So I didn't really feel like drinking much of anything.

2. Update monthly budget. FAILED! At least this week I THOUGHT about this one.  That's one step closer...

3. Get caught up on the dirty dishes by Tuesday evening, and wash them as they are used the rest of the week. FAILED! But the good news is I did have ALL of the dishes clean as of last night...

4. Go to the gym at least three times. PASSED! We even tried out a TRX class one day - talk about intense.  I was even going to be good and get there FIVE days, but since I wasn't feeling well that didn't happen. 

5. Respond to all comments received this week. PASSED! I think that, as of this morning, I have gotten back to everyone that left me comments - at least those whose emails I had.

Only TWO for five this disappointing....

Goals for this week:

1. Update monthly budget. This HAS TO HAPPEN!
2. Go to gym at least three times. Maybe even try another class?
3. Drink at least 2 bottles of water each day. Gotta pass these goals before I move on...
4. Only eat HEALTH snacks in between meals. No chips :(
5. No soda. I only drank one this week, I think.


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