Saturday, June 8, 2013


Caterpillars aren't so bad . . . I just had to worry about not stepping on this little guy while I was pulling weeds *cause I wasn't going to pick him up and move him!!*

I have putting off today's task of pulling weeds for far too long.  It was beginning to look like we lived in a jungle. 


After spending two hours out there, there are still a lot of weeds.  We are going to need to invest in some weed killer and a garden trowel, but - at least the front of our house is looking a little less jungle-like.


It actually looks a little more like it did when we moved in.  I would have stayed out longer, and worked on the back side of the house more, but there were a couple of problems.

1. I saw a foot and a half long snake slither through my work area - not once, but twice.  He wasn't getting a chance for round three.

2. I was getting eaten alive.  This is just one of many bug bites I received in the not so longer period of time that I was out there.

While I gave up on the weeds a little earlier than I anticipated, I was still determined to have a productive day.  So - I am finishing up the last two loads of laundry (still need to put it all away, though), going to get caught up on the dishes that are taking over my kitchen (do they make weed killer for dishes?!) and going to put away all of said laundry.  If I'm really ambitious *and my husband isn't home yet to make do it* I may even take out the trash!

I will be rewarded for all of this good work, however.  Tonight is date night!  I haven't seen a scary movie in a longgggg time - so we will see how this goes.  So long...

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