Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Social

I've been sick on the couch all day, but I decided to try to muster up the energy for a quick post.  SO, I am linking up for Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?  When people drive super slow until you try to pass them, and then speed up.

2. What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?  No-reply commenters!  I like to be able to respond to my people who leave me comments and it makes me a little sad when I can't...

3. What is your biggest general pet peeve?  Flaky people!

4. What is your most irrational fear?  Probably that I am going to get in a wreck - when not driving.  I am a horrible backseat driver and tense up at the tiniest things.

5. Name 3 celebrities you'd want to have dinner with?  Ellie Goulding, Julia Roberts and Kristen Bell

If you haven't heard about it already, make sure to go check out the big Giveaway going on this week!!

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