Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Special Request

Is everyone else as glad as I am that it is Friday night and officially the weekend??  For a short work-week, it sure was a long one!!  My celebration?  A little quality time with my Nikon!

At the beginning of the month, I was surprised when I had someone make a special request.  I received an email from someone asking whether I had any pictures of a specific local bridge for sale.  Well, unfortunately I didn't . . . but I was able to tell them that I had plans to photograph this bridge in the near future, AND ... today was the day!

The St. John's Bridge mimics the style of the Golden Gate Bridge that I recently posted about.  With two 408 feet tall Gothic-styled towers, it is the only suspension bridge in the Willamette Valley.  It is also one of 14 major bridges in the general Portland vicinity - it isn't known as the Bridge City for nothing!  In the downtown area alone, a five mile stretch of the Willamette River is spanned by SEVEN bridges.

These were taken from Cathedral Park, which sits directly under the east side of the bridge.  Lately, there have been ads on one of the local television stations about a late-night special that's scheduled about how the park is haunted by a girl that was murdered there.  Luckily, I didn't hear any voices or get any sudden chills while I was there!

This particular bridge is quickly approaching it's centennial celebration.  It took 21 months from 1929 - 1931 to be built, and was inaugurated during the 1931 Rose Festival.

I bet I know what you are thinking about now . . . how can she take that many pictures just of a bridge?!?  Don't worry, I took one of a lamp too!

For real, though, I did take 101 pictures in about 30 minutes.  After loading them on my computer, I narrowed it down to 54.

Okay - I think that's it.  I promise I am working on my "picking" skills when it comes to what to share.

I lied: but I LOVE this building and had to share these too...

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  1. You got some great shots of this bridge....I wish there were more bridges were I lived. There is one really cool one in is very new. Not sure how I could photograph it and do it justice, but I will have to work on that!

  2. Great job! A really beautiful bridge. I hope your photos sell!


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