Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blogging with a Purpose: My Life 5 Years From Now

Last week I mentioned Blogging With A Purpose - a weekly, topical series in which Becky at From Mrs. to Mama provides prompts to help focus your blogging.  It also gives bloggers a chance to get together, link up and get to know each other better.  This week is "My Life 5 Years From Now".

I would love to have a different work schedule: Ideally, I would like to be working as a bookkeeper or internal accountant part-time (maybe even from home?), while spending more time on my photography.


I will hopefully have one *or two* kiddos of my own to be chasing around.  Everyone always asks when it will be our turn....someday is usually the answer.  Well, someday in the next couple of five years is probably a better answer.

I will have continued to grow as a person and become more and more comfortable with who I am.  One of the things I have struggled with in the last several years is breaking out of my comfort zone in order to be the person I really want to be.  It hasn't been easy, and maybe a little scary at times, but it is SO worth it.  In the last year, especially, I have noticed significant changes in my comfort level and I'm loving it - and can't wait to see what the next five years bring.

My skills as a photographer and my techniques will have continued to develop.  That's the great thing about photography - you can always get better!

My husband and I will have gone on a couple of good trips.  I love to travel and we have big plans for some future vacations (including a trip to Europe, and maybe someday Australia).

I will be the best wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. I can be.

Finally, here are just a couple of fun photos I took yesterday on my way home from my photo shoot.  Warning: a couple are from my phone!

If you are participating in Blogging with a Purpose, don't forget to link up!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog through the blog hop :) I am looking forward to following your blogging adventures, I love it already! Be sure to check out my blog at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/

    -Jess @ Forever Convinced


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