Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#NOtivation: Inspiration

For the last few weeks, I have seen other gals linking up for #NOtivation Tuesdays. Well, in my new-found effort to get healthy again, I decided to join in this week and link up with Mallory and Hallie.

Let's be honest - I really struggle with being motivated when it comes to working out and eating healthy.  Countless times I have mentioned how good I am at talking myself out of going to the gym after work or picking up a bag of chips instead of an apple.  One of the things that I try to remind myself is that making good choices when it comes to my health is going to benefit me in the long run.  Another truth: I feel so much better throughout the day when I have a good breakfast, and later in the evening after a good workout.  So why can't I remember those things all the time?!

Two years ago, when I got married, I was in the best shape I had been in a long time.

As I mentioned the other day, since then I have gained some of the weight back that I had lost in anticipation of this day.  These pictures from our wedding are a huge inspiration for me to get back to that place, and even go further.  My face was slimmer, my hips were smaller - I just looked healthier overall.  I can't wait to feel that way again.

Another major inspiration for me is the idea of having kids in the future.  I want to not only be in good shape before getting pregnant, but have a healthy pregnancy and be able to chase our kids around someday.  I don't think it would be fair to them to have a mom who couldn't keep up.  It's also important to show your children how to make healthy choices, not only tell them.  You have to be an example of healthy living.

My husband is usually a good cheerleader.  He lets me know that he is proud of me when I reach little goals that I have for myself and I know that he will always think that I am beautiful.  But I want to be healthy for him as well.  Let's be honest - we want the men in our life to think we are sexy.  Yes, they have promised to love us unconditionally, but wouldn't this be an added bonus?  And I think that one of the sexiest things about a women is when she is confident and feels good about herself.

Finally - my gym partner.  There are definitely days where if she wasn't going to the gym, I wouldn't be there either.  Having accountability is huge for me.  We push each other to go a little bit longer, a little bit harder and a little bit more often :)

However *I'm doing a little happy dance here* yesterday she had to stay late at work and I went to Zumba alone.  I'm pretty proud of myself!  My inspiration to go it alone?  I got to add 4 activity points to my Weight Watchers tracker!

Here's my little word for the year again, popping up in other aspects of life:


What is your inspiration when it comes to being motivated to work hard for your health?  Write about it and link up!

Mal Smiles

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  1. It is hard to stay motivated. For me, once I make up my mind and actually put forth effort for a few days, it becomes habit. It took me 2 years to want it bad enough, but I finally got back on the bandwagon about 3 weeks ago and I am trying to not look back! I wish I had a gym partner, kudos to you for going to Zumba alone! That take a lot of courage and effort. Right now I spend my mornings yelling at Julian Michaels and wishing she weren't kicking my butt!

  2. Congrats, girl! It definitely sounds like you are moving in the right direction!


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