Sunday, July 14, 2013

Playing Catch Up

How is it Sunday, already?!  Oh I know, because I had a 4-day weekend and we used it to go camping!  This also means that I only had 3 work days, and pretty much three days to share LAST weekends adventures before going out of town.  So I apologize ahead of time for what may be a little bit of a long post *even for me* but I really wanted to share the rest of last weekend.

I mentioned in brief that I made my first real appearance at the Portland International Raceway.  As nervous as I was that Tristan would be racing his car on an actual race track, I knew he was excited about it and I was excited for him.

I am pretty proud of my guy - his fastest 1/4 mile run was just under 16 seconds.  My fear, now, is that he is going to want to put more into his car to make it faster...

Our friends Doug and Derek were there to help support Tristan, but we also got to see some pretty cool cars running as well.  Here are just a few:

Yes - that is a real police car racing! I'm not sure if he was actually going all out, though, because he was not as fast as I expected.

It was a really great night at the races, and the start of a wonderful weekend.  I already gave you a little preview of the 1st birthday session I had on Sunday, but here's some more.  Mr. Collin had the sweetest smile and made my job pretty easy!

Finally - caught up on last week!  Now I have some editing to do from the two sessions I had from this week, as well as some pictures to sort through from our camping trip.  So there will be more to come in the next few days.

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