Monday, August 5, 2013

Another Bucket List Update


1. Sunset at Seaside
2. Twin babies
3. Las Vegas Strip
4. A beautiful waterfall (other than Multnomah Falls)

Stella Falls is located roughly 10 miles west of Longview, WA. When searching for new locations for senior photos, someone suggested these falls and I am so glad that they did. They aren't quite what I had in mind when creating my bucket list, but they are beautiful none-the-less.
There are two downfalls to this location, however. First of all, I drove by them 3 times before I found them. They are tucked back off the highway and there is almost zero parking off the riverside highway near the falls. We actually ended up parking about a half-mile away in a teeny tiny town. The other problem is that you have to hike through some dense trees and bushes to get to the base of the falls and it gets pretty muggy. Plus, I thought I might twist an ankle. Flip-flops definitely are not the shoes of choice for this trek.

5. 1st birthday session
6. Downtown Seattle/Puget Sound
7. Timberline Lodge
8. City lights at night
9. A cactus
10. An engagement session
11. An extravagant themed photo
12. My new nephew
13. Jumping shot
14. A pier
15. Street photography
16. A series of old cars
17. A series of vintage signs
18. Golden Gate Bridge
19. Generations
20. Music

It is more than half way through the year and, after doing some quick math, I am only 25% of the way through my bucket list. I guess I better get busy if I am going to get through all of these!!! Stay tuned, though . . . I have plans for a couple of them soon!

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  1. Great find. I spent most of my life in Portland, and was hiking before I could walk, I have never heard of that waterfall. If you ever get down by Albany there are some nice falls near Sweet Home. As I recall it is called McDowell park.


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