Friday, August 23, 2013

Timing Is Everything

This may sound strange, but do you ever see in pictures?  What I mean is this: do you ever see something - a pretty stream, a child that looks like a cherub, a dramatic landscape - and think "that would make a great photo!"  I do it all the time!  I can't count the number of times that I have reached for my camera, only to find that it isn't there.  Typically, on the weekends I take it everywhere with me, just in case.  But if I am just planning on driving to work and back it usually stays at home.

In the last week or two there have been some BEAUTIFUL sunrises as I drive to the gym at the crack of dawn.  Usually I leave just before the sun comes up and I can see it start to finish.  There are days when the sky is completely orange and pink.  For some reason, though, I still haven't thought to grab my camera on my way out the door.  My phone camera doesn't really do the serenity justice.  I guess I don't really have time to stop for pictures, anyway, though.

A similar situation: you HAVE your camera, go to use it, and find that either a) the battery is dead, or b) the SD card is missing.  I have done both.  I have a bad habit of leaving my SD card in my computer after uploading my pictures, so I have been trying to establish a new habit.  Whenever I am headed to a photography shoot, I turn on my camera to make sure I have a charged battery and room for at least 300 images on my SD card.

As an artist, I get really irritated when I see something that I want to photograph and for whatever reason can't....whether it be that I'm driving, don't have the camera, or just don't have time to stop.  Surely this doesn't only happen to me...or does it?

How frustrating to find inspiration and not be able to let it play out.

That being said, I don't have any photos today{next week I have a few sessions scheduled so hopefully I will have more to share then} . . . but I do have a song to share for #backthatazzup Friday!!

Outta Your Mind ft. LMFAO by Lil Jon on Grooveshark

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  1. I've become obsessed with taking pictures ever since my aunt gifted me her old DSLR, and I can definitely relate to that feeling of, "That would make a great picture; I NEED to get that," and then realizing I don't have my camera, my battery is dead, or my SD card is missing... or full! I remember going on a weekend vacation a couple of years ago to Philadelphia, and halfway through all the historical sites, my battery died. It was so frustrating!

  2. I have been that way this week. I am actually working on night photography right now, and as I was leaving for my evening classes last night I thought should I bring my camera?? and then no, because I would have to leave it in the car on campus... on the way home there were at LEAST 10 shots that would have been amazing...


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