Monday, August 5, 2013


What did my weekend consist of?  If you were to look at the photos I took {all two of them}, you would think food, food and more food.

I promise that is not the case!  However, I did have some really yummy Chinese food for dinner on Friday night while I was home alone...and was not happy Saturday morning to find that my husband had eaten half of my leftovers when he got home from hanging out with friends late Friday night.  I was REALLY looking forward to those leftovers...

And after buying some blueberries at the store I made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast Saturday morning...which were pretty good too, if I do say so...

So what else happened this weekend besides good food?  One of our friends had a reception for her wedding - which happened in Hawaii a month and a half ago.  We spent most of the afternoon and all evening hanging out with them at "The Pond" - which was on her parents property.  And ok, that consisted of more good food, as well as some drinky drinks.  I had never met her boyfriend/fiance/husband before, but he was really nice and I am looking forward to hopefully hanging out with them more soon.

Sunday we  relaxed most of the morning and later I tagged along while Tristan did some work.  Then we stopped by my in-laws for a quick visit before getting dinner and heading home.  Trying to head home anyways...Tristan's car broke down before we got there.  Luckily we were close and a friend took me to pick up our truck at home so that I could tow the car back home.  That was an experience in itself - I've never had to tow a car before and I was terrified that I would either snap the tow-rope or somehow do something to his precious car...

Luckily we got it home safe and sound.  Now he just has to figure out what went wrong....which might be awhile!

I feel like we did nothing all weekend, but at the same time like I wasn't home at all....don't you hate those days??

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  1. Hey even if your weekend was just filled with that yummy food it looks good!!

  2. Wow, a pond in their backyard?! That would be fun. And heck, a weekend of good food is a good weekend in my book! ha! xo


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