Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Guest Post Tuesday - Delightfully Presenting: Marianna!

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to the few lovely ladies who stepped up and offered to guest post while I'm busy! If you still want to come introduce yourself at My Mind's Lens, just send me an email! Today, Marianna is here to share some of her favorite recent "pins". When I get on Pinterest, I get a little obsessed and have a hard time putting down my phone...I have a feeling Marianna may have the same problem...

Hey y'all! 
I'm Marianna and unlike Kaeley, I have absolutely no photography skills. Unless of course you consider throwing a great Instagram filter on a blurry iPhone picture "photography". That, my friends, I can do.

Other things I can do - stalk social media like it's my job. Which lately it kind of is. You see, I'm a First Grade teacher during the school year and a couch potato/social media expert during these sweet, sweet summer months. Just kidding - we all know teachers actually work year round. Pinning new classroom ideas is totally work.

Speaking of pinning - I have been on a pinning spree lately. I don't know if it's because we're on the brink of a new school year or a new season or what but I have been all over Pinterest.

Take a look at what I am L-O-V-Eing. And just note that the craft projects I pin have a 70% chance of actually getting done but hey, a girl can dream.

Those witchy feet?! I die.

Sleepy puppies always win.

Found <here>

As a teacher, any excuse to dress up as a fun character is a good thing!

Found <here>

It's called Unforgettable Chicken Casserole and with a name like that, I'm on board. Now if only I can make it gluten-free...

Found <here>

Because you can't go wrong with subtle zebra print and because pretty much everything on this blog is ah-mazing.

And lastly....because I promise you will not be able to watch this video without laughing:

For more kicks and giggles come hang out with me at Delightfully Dunn


I wish I had somewhere to display some witch's feet like those....and I could definitely see my baby girl's room with that de-saturated zebra print on her walls someday {if I can convince my other half...} Make sure you go check out Delightfully Dunn and say hi to Marianna. You won't be sorry!

Also - if you are interested in guest posting at My Mind's Lens, click here for more details.  I'd love to have you!!

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