Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Coming Full Circle

As of last week, it has been one year since I embarked on this journey to develop my portrait photography by taking some family & maternity photos for some good friends.  Next week it will be one year since I took my first official newborn photos for the same family.  And this week - I had the privilege of taking that newborn's first birthday pictures!  In a sense, in this last year I have truly come full circle.

In the last year, I have done a wide range of sessions - from engagements to weddings, to newborns to large families.  I've recently been pushing senior photography and would love to try my hand at birth photography or a larger, more traditional wedding.  For today, though, I am celebrating this year, by sharing the first year of this little one's life.

Here she is nearly one year ago: 

And here she is, just days before approaching her first birthday:

It is amazing how quickly little ones grow up!  To see more from her newborn session, you can click here for the original post.

Just to throw this out there, if anyone knows people in the Northwest who are looking for a photographer for portraits, or special events, feel free to direct them to my website or to send me an email!!  I love meeting new people and providing those special memories :)  {not to sound cheesy...}

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  1. Love the b/w of her sleeping with her arm draped over the blanket...and her big eyes as she gets a treat by the pretty flowers! Lovely sets!

  2. What a beauty....and how wonderful that you are able to capture her growing up. Congratulations on a year!

  3. oh i love these and how you captured the really takes me back to when mine were so little like really have a talent for this! good luck venturing out!

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  5. It is amazing how much babies grow. and these pics are beautiful.

  6. Congrats on your first anniversary in business! Fab fotos!!


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