Thursday, August 29, 2013

Reminiscing in Seattle

Since I left Seattle after finishing college back in 2008, I really haven't spent any significant time there.  In fact, I have been back exactly 5 times: once for a follow up meeting for my study abroad trip, once to pick up my cap and gown for graduation, graduation itself, my roommates graduation and to visit my little sister in the hospital.  Each of these trips had a specific purpose and it was not to enjoy the city.

Tristan is not a city guy.  The traffic, the parking, the people - it's not his thing.  However, I really wanted to go up for the weekend and take him to my city, show him some of the things I miss about Seattle - and he agreed to it.

Our first stop was a quick one at campus.  Thinking back, I have a lot of pictures from college, but most of them are of the people, not the place.  So I wanted a couple of pictures of campus, particularly my very first ever apartment.

Number 7! That was us! It was kind of a weird little apartment, we were isolated from the other apartments and in "the wedge" of the triangle-shaped building.  But it was ours!

Next on my list: Fisherman's Terminal.  I lived just a couple of miles away and have always thought that the marina held some rugged beauty.

Seattle's Fishermen's Terminal is nearly 100 years old and is the home base for many large fishing companies, as well as local fishermen and recreational boat owners.

Photo overload!!  Sorry about that....there is plenty more to come. Tomorrow. We are one day closer to the weekend!

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  1. It is so fun to revisit college days. We make an effort to stop where we went to school whenever driving through the area. We've just visited this past spring at the 19 years post graduation mark. Such a different place, and almost unrecognizable.

  2. A terrific trip down memory lane!

  3. Your hubby is such a trooper!!!! Great marina photos and yur campus looks like it was/is beautiful.


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